Imagine if your company intimidated you into leaving your job or taking a pay cut. That happens in the murky world of football player transfers. It’s time to improve the regulation of the game.

COLLECTIVEBARGAINING Clubs and governing bodies dominate contract negotiations, leaving players with little option but to accept the terms offered. Only with collective bargaining agreements there is a balance between the interests of players and clubs.

GOVERNANCECRISIS The failure of the transfer system is a symptom of football’s failed governing system. A lack of transparency and lax controls have resulted in an environment in which players are chronically exploited.

FAIRARBITRATION Arbitration bodies favour clubs and associations over players. Their mechanisms need to take account of the specific needs of a short professional career in sports and resolve conflicts in a timely and proportionate way.

ACCOUNTABILITYTREATMENT National associations, clubs and governing bodies have a shared responsibility for our game: they must be accountable to players, fans and clubs. This accountability is missing in football.