Imagine if you were treated as a financial asset. In football, investors even pay clubs for stakes in players. Then there’s trafficking of minors, tax evasion and money laundering. A new system can restore the essence of football.

TRAFFICKINGOF MINORS The lure of profit created by the current transfer system encourages trafficking of minors, while overlooking long-term education and well-being. Football must protect its youngest and most vulnerable.

END THIRDPARTY OWNERSHIP Covert ownership of player transfer rights is one of the most damaging side-effects of the transfer system. Any meaningful reform in professional football eliminates the harmful influence of external speculation.

REGULATEPLAYER AGENTS In too many cases player agents exceed their proper role, becoming brokers in the transfer market and participating in secretive financial transactions. In order to restore trust in agents, reform is needed to identify clear rules on their roles and responsibilities.

INCREASETRANSPARENCY The system lacks sufficient financial oversight of agent fees, contract buy-out clauses, signing-on fees and other payments. Making this information public will help reduce irregular practices.