Imagine having to pay a fine of ten times your annual salary to change jobs. That can happen in the bizarre world of football regulations. It’s time players have the same employment rights as other workers.

PAYMENTOF SALARIES Too many players around the world do not receive their agreed pay. Today’s transfer regulations do not provide adequate protection and leave players without proper safeguards when clubs fail to respect their contracts.

RESPECTOF CONTRACTS Players are employees of their clubs and must have employment contracts that meet minimum requirements of labour law. However, basic contractual rights of players are frequently not respected by clubs.

FREEMOVEMENT Current rules in football have been decided without consulting players. They unfairly limit access to the labour market. Protected periods which limit a player’s right to move, transfer windows and other restrictive rules must be changed.

EQUALTREATMENT Labour laws require employers and employees to be on an equal footing. Football rules systematically undermine such a balanced approach because they favour the interest of the club before the player.